Fun Day for Our Future Leaders

April 10th (ya a bit late with the post!)  we took the girls and caretakers to ‘DizzeeWorld” and amusement park near Chennai.  I watched them enjoy being terrified and then overcome their fear by hopping on the ‘scrambler’, the ferris wheel and even the small...

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Ramya- Volunteer Dance Teacher at Girlstown

I had the pleasure recently of volunteering at the Chennai Girlstown Program. The girls were INCREDIBLY JOYFUL AND FRIENDLY when I arrived, each one shaking my hand and introducing themselves to me in English. I am a Flamenco dancer so I decided it might be fun to do a Flamenco class with them....

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Brenda- Neighbourhood Fairy Dogmother

Volunteers and friends of Tripura go out regularly to feed the neighborhood street dogs, keep a look out for those in need of medical attention, and arrange ‘capture’ for those that need to go through the ABC or Animal Birth Control program.  One very special friend of TF is Brenda. Brenda...

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