R.P. Jiccky

Jiccky is a true HoPE Hero from Singapore and a great role model. He is a successful businessman who works hard to share prosperity with the poorest people having built himself up from scratch. He was one of the first sponsors of HoPE Centers and is interested in every aspect of the...

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Mrs. Raj Prasad

 Mrs Prasad is a 76 year retiree from Singapore and another of our unsung HoPE Center heroes. For many years, she has been knitting socks and clothes for our HoPE Center children to help keep them cosy. Just last week, Mrs Prasad contacted Tripura Foundation out of the blue to inform us that she...

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Girls’ Night Out!

Last night, February 4th, another prominent non-profit organization in Chennai, The Banyan, held its annual fund raising event and donor thank you.  A lovely well wisher and supporter of Tripura and Girlstown gifted seats for the performance to the girls and the caretakers. This year the event was...

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