Introducing the HoPE Survival Gift Pack

Hi everyone, Thank you so much for your love and support for our HoPE for Chennai initiative! In Phase 2 of our initiative, we are delivering HoPE Survival Gift Packs to the poorest people who have been hit the hardest by the Chennai floods.  Their tiny huts have either been washed away or badly damaged,… Read More ›

A Million Dollar Journey of HoPE

On our most recent Ambassadors of HoPE trip, our Ambassadors visited HoPE learning centers in Rameswaram to find out how the widows and children had transformed over the 12 months since we began our support initiatives there.  Our initiatives included: 11 new HoPE Centers to educate and care for 450 children and 2 Tailoring Centers to… Read More ›

Gifts of HoPE Enliven the World!

I just love to hear stories from Ambassadors of HoPE who visit our HoPE Centers around the world.  I hope to make my own visit when the time is right! One such recent story comes from our Jai Radha (Gina Guerrieri) and I’d like to share it here with you today: “Recently I had the… Read More ›


Dear Mohini, We arrived on Sunday night at La Paz, about 2 hours away from Cabo by road on the Mar de Cortez side. It is a semi desertic ecosystem. On Monday we drove approximately 35 minutes to the city of La Pasion, where the Hope center is located, the poverty is extreme, the houses are… Read More ›

Joana, one of our brightest stars

Joana By Lucía Briseño Haro Joana has assisted to the HoPE center since the day we started, almost one year ago. She has always been very smiley and smart, but she was always ready to fight when the others made fun of her. Her mom, who is an employee in a convenience store, said that before… Read More ›