Kaaliyamal Feels Loved

Kaaliyamal tries her best to repress heart-wrenching memories of days when she was abandoned by her daughters after her husband’s death. She lived on her own struggling to get through every single day until we found her. Kaaliyamal was married off when she was very young and had five daughters with her husband. They struggled… Read More ›

United Nations Publishes Tripura Statement on Eradicating Global Poverty

  Tripura Foundation is honored to announce that its statement on poverty and the role Phonemic Intelligence has and continues to play in eradicating poverty was accepted by the United Nations 56th Commission on Social Development (CSocD56). The statement titled, “One of the most critical and sustainable paths out of poverty is education, but education is only… Read More ›

The Hope Goa Project

The Hope Goa Project Phonemic Intelligence Approved in Goan Government Schools BREAKING NEWS Dr. Pillai’s Phonemic Intelligence (PI) school program was just approved for delivery to 21,192 students in 757 Goan government schools during the 2018/2019 school year thanks to the incredible results of a successful pilot project.  We have also applied for delivery to all… Read More ›

Dr. Pillai Shares His Dream

  Hello everyone, Just today, Dr. Pillai shared his dream for Phonemic Intelligence (PI), his brain-based educational technology that has already transformed the lives of over 55,000 children worldwide in public schools in the US, Mexico and India and our 101 Tripura HoPE Centers in India. Dr. Pillai’s vision is that PI will change the… Read More ›

Together, WE Prosper and Serve!

In 2017, we empowered thousands of children in India (including Kalpana and Nivetha).  We provided food and necessary grooming aids to hundreds of destitute elders, like Vellimalai. We provided feasts and new clothing to children and families throughout southern India during events and holidays, like Diwalli. We removed patterns of poverty consciousness from the minds… Read More ›

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