Dr. Pillai Shares His Dream

  Hello everyone, Just today, Dr. Pillai shared his dream for Phonemic Intelligence (PI), his brain-based educational technology that has already transformed the lives of over 55,000 children worldwide in public schools in the US, Mexico and India and our 101 Tripura HoPE Centers in India. Dr. Pillai’s vision is that PI will change the… Read More ›

Together, WE Prosper and Serve!

In 2017, we empowered thousands of children in India (including Kalpana and Nivetha).  We provided food and necessary grooming aids to hundreds of destitute elders, like Vellimalai. We provided feasts and new clothing to children and families throughout southern India during events and holidays, like Diwalli. We removed patterns of poverty consciousness from the minds… Read More ›

Rekha Inspires Generosity & Sustainability On Diwali

Rekha is from Karaikalmedu, Puducherry and is attending the same school as her younger brother. Her mother is a housewife and her father is unemployed. Her community is officially designated OBC (Other Backwards Community) by the Indian government due to poverty and lack of educational opportunities in the region. So, the local HoPE Learning Center… Read More ›

Resolution Solution!

While many of us struggle to lose weight, quit smoking, go back to school, or stick to goals aligned with other popular New Year’s resolutions, children all over the world struggle to make it through each day while hungry and living in dire circumstances. Within our HoPE Learning Centers alone, 4040 children face many challenges… Read More ›

It’s Not Too Late!

As 2016 comes to an end, many of us feel like the holidays flew by too quickly to accomplish everything that we wished to accomplish. Some of us made heartfelt donations to non-profit organizations. Others were not able to do so.  Either way, it is never too late give a gift of any size to… Read More ›

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