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Ilakuvathi is a middle school student in Kannambakkam, a small village on the Eastern coast of the Bay of Bengal in Tamil Nadu, India. She lives with her parents and an elder sister. They are not a wealthy family. Both parents work long hours, taking all manual labor jobs available. Ilakuvathi long worried about her… Read More ›

A Ray of HoPE for Pavadharini

Pavadharini is 11 years old.   When she came to one of Tripura Foundation’s HoPE Learning Centers, she shared her story in a voice that was barely loud enough for us to hear. She shared that her mother committed suicide when she was just 7 years old.  Pavadharini was left with her father, who married another… Read More ›


Dear Mohini, We arrived on Sunday night at La Paz, about 2 hours away from Cabo by road on the Mar de Cortez side. It is a semi desertic ecosystem. On Monday we drove approximately 35 minutes to the city of La Pasion, where the Hope center is located, the poverty is extreme, the houses are… Read More ›

Joana, one of our brightest stars

Joana By Lucía Briseño Haro Joana has assisted to the HoPE center since the day we started, almost one year ago. She has always been very smiley and smart, but she was always ready to fight when the others made fun of her. Her mom, who is an employee in a convenience store, said that before… Read More ›

I am Lesly Berenice García Ortega

I am 11 years old. I remember that before to come to the HoPE center I was confused and I used to fight with my   sister, who is 7, and with my mother. Now, with the practice of the sounds, we get along much better; I feel more free and confident. I am studying… Read More ›

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