To Be Compassionate!

  On February 1, children at HoPE Learning Centers in Coimbatore (Pachapalayam, center, RG Pudhur and Veeriyampalayam) prepared and served a variety of food delicacies to elderly and disabled individuals at Anugraha Ashram in honor of Dr. Baskaran Pillai’s birthday (the Founder of Tripura Foundation). The day was long and full of hope. At noon,… Read More ›

Vaibhavi Encourages Greatness

We have shared this story before but now wish to share it again because it is a good one about courage. Courage is at the center of the word “encouragement.” A courageous person does not lack fear, but moves ahead despite its existence. Within out HoPE Learning Centers, educators often create theme months that challenge… Read More ›

Heaven on Planet Earth Day

On Earth Day 2016, members of 120 nations signed the Paris Agreement as a united climate protection treaty. Even though the United States recently withdrew from this important collaboration, there is still plenty of HoPE/ Heaven on Planet Earth because students at HoPE Learning Centers in India continue to celebrate Earth Day on April 22… Read More ›

Dinesh Exhibits Leadership Qualities

Dinesh attends Guruvarajpet High School and has been a student at our HoPE Learning Center for the past four years. Before joining the HoPE Center, Dinesh often forgot what he learned and therefore did not do well on exams. He would then become frustrated and pick quarrels with other students, even his friends. He was… Read More ›

World Forestry Day

Most of us usually think of a forest as a group of trees, but it is a complex, living community. Beneath the forest canopy dwell interdependent populations of plants and animals, while the soil that forms the forest floor contains a large variety of invertebrates, bacteria and fungi which play essential roles in cycling nutrients… Read More ›

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