Kalpana Cares & Shares HoPE

Kalpana is a student in 8thStandard class who attends the Guruvarajpet HoPE Learning Center in Tamil Nadu, India. She writes, “I am the first child who is going to school in the history of my family. My father is a launderer and his income is low.  I love dancing, and, with others’ encouragement, I might be able… Read More ›

Giving Tuesday Gifts That Keep Giving!

Giving Tuesday is an international holiday but also a movement that was initiated in the United States by the 92nd Street YMCA and the United Nations Foundation as a response to counter rampant commercialization and consumerism in the post-Thanksgiving season (Black Friday and Cyber Monday). Gifts are thoughtful and to be appreciated, but sometimes more… Read More ›

Tharani Radiates Light On Diwali

Tharani is an 8th grade student at Atchampatti HoPE Learning Center in Tamil Nadu, India. She enjoys learning about Phonemic Intelligence, Nutrition, and Yoga. Her goal is to become a nurse so she can encourage and uplift the patients in her care. She recalls watching her uncle die of cancer. Despite good medical treatment, he… Read More ›

Mohini’s Diwali Birthday Wish

A special message from Mohini, Global Director of Tripura Foundation: This year my birthday, October 18th, is the same day as Diwali.  Diwali is the Festival of Lights here in India, and it signifies the end of darkness, greed and poverty.  In India, it is the happiest day of the year for children, as it… Read More ›

Hunger (and HoPE) Action Month

September is Hunger Action Month, a time when people across the world take stands against hunger in tangible ways! No one should have to go hungry, and Hunger Action Month reminds us that there are those out there who need the help of kind people with open hands, because there are more than enough resources… Read More ›

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