Pandi Selvi’s Deep Love for Children

A Story of Love Pandi Selvi’s story begins with her deep love for children. Driven by her passion to support her village’s children, she pursued her education to become a certified school teacher. She has been lucky to find a job teaching in a small village school. As Pandi matured, she married and became a dedicated… Read More ›

How Does the Brain Feel Empathy?

Ever wondered why certain individuals seem to better emotionally connect with other people, relative to their peers? Or, why certain people are more likely to donate to end world hunger, volunteer at the local animal shelter, and lend a helping hand to a stranger? Here’s an interesting truth: this has to do with empathy, and… Read More ›

HoPE 2018 – 2019!

  Another successful school year in India is coming to and end. Every year, HoPE students make drastic changes in their lives after joining our HoPE Learning Centers. As usual, our trainings were amazing. Our children displayed determination and focus while spending after school hours learning, studying, exercising and having fun together. They learned to… Read More ›

Gopika Embraces Agriculture

  Gopika is an eighth grader at a local government school. She is the only daughter to farmer parents who work small plots of land every day. Even though they do not earn a lot of money, Gopika takes pride in her family. Since joining a HoPE Learning Center, Gopika has also learned to take… Read More ›

What Is The Greatest Single Thing That Each Of Us Can Do?

  Tripura Foundation began with the mission of feeding the poor. Our founder, Dr. Baskaran Pillai believes that the greatest thing each of us can do is to serve a meal to someone who is hungry. He founded Tripura Foundation U.S.A. in 1989. In 1999, dedicated volunteers prepared and delivered hot meals to dwellers in… Read More ›

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