Thinakaran is attending 7th-grade classes in Vedambur. His father and his mother work as farm laborers. He has two elder brothers. Thinakaran’s parents earn very low income but still go without necessities to allow all three to attend school instead of join them working in the fields. They genuinely hope that their boys will find… Read More ›

Malayayi Spreads Ripples of Upliftment

Malayayi is a single mother, abandoned in pregnancy by her husband. With no one to depend on, Malayayi took refuge with the members of her family until her pregnancy was over. Malayayi was blessed with a baby girl, but was not in an emotional state to celebrate the birth. Malayayi says, “I had attempted suicides… Read More ›


When asked how she feels, Kuppammal, with tears in her eyes, says that no one is around to help care for her. After losing her husband at an early age; she brought up her daughters alone until they got married and abandoned her. Sadly, in many parts of India today, widows and the elderly fall… Read More ›

Sahil Gains Confidence & Esteem

Sahil lost his father a few years ago to suicide. His mother could not provide for him, so she sent him to live with his uncle. When he first arrived at his HoPE Learning Center, Sahil was withdrawn and had no interest in academics. He was mischievous in certain ways, which indicated high intelligence, but… Read More ›

Little Butterfly

A child is…….. A butterfly in the wind, Some can fly higher than others; but each one flies the best it can. Why compare one against the other? Each one is different! Each one is special! Each one is beautiful! Author Unknown

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