HoPE-Full Holidays

Here in the West, holidays have become so ubiquitous and commercialized that many take them for granted, but for the children who attend HoPE Learning Centers, the holidays are a very special time. Many of these HoPE Center children live in homes with little to nothing in the way of dinners and toys to celebrate… Read More ›

HoPE Center Holiday Fun from Years Past

Each year, HoPE Center children find creative ways to celebrate holidays, including Christmas. These kids decided to reenact the nativity with costumes and play-acting. At another HoPE Learning Center, the children celebrated by decorating a Christmas tree and exchanging greetings with one another. The joy on these girls’ faces speaks volumes! What a blessing to… Read More ›

Giving Tuesday = Gifts That Keep Giving!

Giving Tuesday is an international holiday but also a movement that was initiated in the United States by the 92nd Street YMCA and the United Nations Foundation as a response to counter rampant commercialization and consumerism in the post-Thanksgiving season (Black Friday and Cyber Monday). Gifts are thoughtful and to be appreciated, but sometimes more… Read More ›

Personal Transformation Program

Children at HoPE Center are taught to share and teach others what they learn. In this manner they can help many people to improve many aspects of their lifestyles. They did exceptionally well in this task by passing on tips to villagers of all ages about health and cleanliness after learning valuable lessons through HoPE… Read More ›

Priyanka Cleans Up!

Priyanka lives with her parents and grandmother. Her family struggles with wages but live in a tidy two-parent home, which is rare among her peers. Her father runs a small hotel in their Arcotkuppam, where she attends a HoPE Learning Center. She has one younger brother and enjoys playing indoor games like carom and chess.… Read More ›

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