Pongal Festival

In Tamil Nadu, India, Pongal is a festival, which, according to the Tamil calendar, is normally celebrated from January 14 to January 17. The four day festival includes Bhogi Pongal, the first day when people get up early in the morning and light sacred bonfires. Children dance around Bhogi singing songs in praise of god.… Read More ›

Resolution Solution 2019!

While many of us struggle to lose weight, quit smoking, go back to school or stick to goals aligned with other popular New Year’s resolutions, children all over the world struggle to make it through each day while hungry and living in dire circumstances. Within HoPE Learning Centers, 4040 children face many challenges associated with… Read More ›

Together, WE Prosper and Serve!

In 2018, we empowered thousands of children in India (including Munusamy and Bhavani) to thrive and achieve their dreams while helping others around them. We provided skill training and jobs to village parents (like Malayayi). We provided food and necessary grooming aids to hundreds of destitute elders. We provided feasts and new clothing to children… Read More ›

HoPE-Full Holidays

Here in the West, holidays have become so ubiquitous and commercialized that many take them for granted, but for the children who attend HoPE Learning Centers, the holidays are a very special time. Many of these HoPE Center children live in homes with little to nothing in the way of dinners and toys to celebrate… Read More ›

HoPE Center Holiday Fun from Years Past

Each year, HoPE Center children find creative ways to celebrate holidays, including Christmas. These kids decided to reenact the nativity with costumes and play-acting. At another HoPE Learning Center, the children celebrated by decorating a Christmas tree and exchanging greetings with one another. The joy on these girls’ faces speaks volumes! What a blessing to… Read More ›

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