Meet a Hope Child: Boopathi


Boopathi aspires to higher callings

Boopathi is one of the more fortunate children at the Hope Learning Centers.

Currently, Boopathi lives with one sibling, both parents and his grandparents. His father works as a garage mechanic and earns just enough money to support his family.


The ripple effect: spreading good fortune to fellow villagers

Boopathi doesn’t take his good fortune of having both parents and a steady family income for granted. He recognizes that most of the other children suffer from more challenges than he does and is quite compassionate toward them. He reaches out to his friends to help them with their studies.

Recently, he received a bicycle on his birthday, which he now frequently rides to our Hope Learning Center. He tells us that he would love to help other families buy bicycles for their children.


A big dream for the future

Offering help with homework and getting families access to bicycles aren’t his only goals. Boopathi dreams big: he aspires to own his own garage when he grows up, where he’ll offer employment to those in his village.

He was motivated by his Hope teachers to become an entrepreneur in order to continue helping others.


Keeping the momentum going

Your generous contributions to Hope Learning Centers give way to this amazing ripple effect. Donations not only help children in need, but they also show children like Boopathi ways in which they can give back to their communities.

A monthly contribution of only $10 covers all expenses for one precious child. A monthly gift of $350 helps 40 children.