These boys at a HoPE Learning Center in Coimbatore, India are learning about World Forestry Day. They hope to spread the word by sharing drawings with their families at home. Their teacher, Ms. Magnier, explained to them that even though man is dependent upon forests for raw materials, forests are essential for life on Earth. They learned many different ways that forests are beneficial to all of us. Then, they were asked to think of innovative ways to preserve the forests and protect wildlife.

Another important resource is clean water. So, Ms. Magnier also taught the students about how to boil drinking water to destroy germs, how to spot stagnant water and treat it with bleach powder, and about the importance of keeping water vessels clean when storing drinking water to avoid water borne diseases.

The students at HoPE Learning Centers learn many valuable life skills in addition to academic studies and physical fitness. All of us at Tripura Foundation thank you for your generous support of these amazing kids and for bringing the benefits of HoPE Learning Centers to their villages as well.