Last Sunday, July 25th, our boys and girls were part of a bi-annual Medical Camp co-sponsored by our partners in our first HoPE Town India, the Rotary Club of Madras.  The kids were given ENT check ups and treated to a fun interactive session with a local Physio Therapist on general health care.

Providing free health care for the community is one of the core visions of  the HoPE Town Initiative.  Our partners are well practiced in this and together we will be giving medical attention to one of the poorest most needy of marginalized groups in the state of Tamil Nadu, the local tribal people.

Many doctors lent their time to check the children as well as other professionals donating their time to take their turn at administrative duties for the day.

The common cold was the most serious ailment presented by our children.  A family from the community brought their little girl who was born with a cleft palette and uses a hearing aid.  She underwent a corrective operation some time back and we are happy to report that she too only suffers from a seasonal sniffle and a little shyness.

Parents and others from the community came in early to help prepare lunch for all from donated produce.  It was a community effort to execute this and a big thank you goes out to all for the community spirit and  generous support.