Meet a HoPE Child: Pavadharini


A life-altering event derails Pavadharini’s future

Pavadharini is an 11-year-old suffering from the after-effects of her mother’s suicide just four years ago.

After the tragic event that broke her heart, her father remarried to a woman who resented having to take care of another woman’s child. Her stepmother and stepbrother had no intention of taking her in, but only agreed that she could live with them at her father’s insistence.

Denied any time to grieve the loss of her mother, while also feeling unwanted in her own home, Pavadharini understandably became very sad.


Not your average 11-year-old’s daily routine

Pavadharini’s father quickly became occupied with his work and new family. Unlike most 11-year-olds you might know, she was not allowed time to study. Her stepmother required her to work hard at home doing countless household chores and taking care of her stepbrother. Pavadharini’s mornings were dedicated to helping her stepbrother get ready for school, yet she was not given the same opportunity to go. Her grueling daily routine made her quickly give up hope of ever attending school.

That is, until her friends told her about the local HoPE Learning Center in town.


Creating a better, brighter future

When Pavadharini came to our HoPE Learning Center, she was shy and reluctant, sharing her stories in a voice that was barely loud enough to hear.

She confessed that she was afraid of what would happen to her. But it wasn’t long before she began to thrive. Pavadharini made new friends at the Center that generously helped her study and met teachers who encouraged and believed in her.

Having only dreamt of a better future, Pavadharini has now set out to create one. She says she feels blessed to have the opportunity to learn.

“It was the luckiest day in my life, when my father let me go to learn in HoPE Center,” she told us.

For every success story like Pavadharini’s, there are countless other children who still do not have access to the services that HoPE Learning Centers bring to these villages. Consider sponsoring a HoPE Learning Center today.