Happy Thanksgiving!

“Let us show our thanks by remembering those whose suffering is greater than our own.  When we eat, let us remember the people who do not have enough to eat.” – Dr. Pillai

The sad fact is that food is a luxury a lot of us take for granted, but there are those who struggle every day just to find one meal.

The good news is that in July 2013, Tripura Foundation launched its most ambitious project to date – to feed a million meals to the poorest of the poor – and Million Meals of HoPE has far exceeded that goal!

Currently, we distribute about 60,000 meals to vulnerable elderly people and families in mostly rural districts that are underserved by food banks.  Also, about 120,000 meals are given to HoPE Center children and the destitute, abandoned elderly that the children are caring for in their villages.

However, as I mentioned in our previous blog post our current donations have yet to cover our costs of operation for the year.  And so we need your help!

Many of us count abundant blessings in our lives, such as food, family, friends and conveniences, while so many others around the world go without the very basics.  Could you find it in your heart to share a little with a hungry child or destitute elderly person this Thanksgiving?

We make it super easy to donate — you can choose either a one-time contribution or a recurring monthly donation amount.  And every $1 we receive covers the cost of 5 meals!!

Please visit our website and follow the simple steps to help us feed those in need.  Thank you!!

Blessings and HoPE,

Chandra Sullivan
Tripura Foundation Team Member