Here in the West, holidays have become so ubiquitous and commercialized that many take them for granted, but for the children who attend HoPE Learning Centers, the holidays are a very special time.

Many of these HoPE Center children live in homes with little to nothing in the way of dinners and toys to celebrate holidays. For them, special occasions at HoPE Learning Centers might mean the only presents they get all year. Each year, the HoPE Learning Centers do everything possible to give these children wonderful holiday parties, including Christmas visits by Santa complete with food and gifts.

With all the abundance we enjoy, it is often what we give that makes the holidays a blessing. These children deserve joyful holidays as much as we do, yet widespread poverty can deny them the innocent pleasures of holiday cheer.

We at HoPE Learning Centers are committed to making these young people’s lives balanced and fulfilling. You can help to make all this possible with a one-time annual gift, or monthly pledge for the year to come. Not only will your generosity bring joy to these children, but you will also experience the great blessing of knowing you have made a difference in the lives and destinies of these bright young individuals.