HoPE Center Holiday Fun from Years Past

HoPE Center Holiday Fun from Years Past

Each year, HoPE Center children find creative ways to celebrate holidays, including Christmas. These kids decided to reenact the nativity with costumes and play-acting.

At another HoPE Learning Center, the children celebrated by decorating a Christmas tree and exchanging greetings with one another.

The joy on these girls’ faces speaks volumes! What a blessing to see how these celebrations brighten their faces. Holiday celebrations are lots of fun!

Teachers at HoPE Learning Centers also taught the children Christmas carols and distributed sweets treats and cakes. This inspired the children to take cakes to some of the seniors who live near the Center, spreading Christmas cheer to the people in their villages. These wonderful young ladies made huge cards to share with friends and family, and visited elderly neighbors that have no family and live alone.

Some of the students said they had never celebrated Christmas before and it was a new experience for them. These boys are having fun in their Santa masks, dancing around while classmates look on and laugh at their revelry.

These boys had a great time meeting Santa and enjoyed their gifts.

We at HoPE Learning Centers are committed to making these children’s lives balanced and fulfilling. You can help to make all this possible with a one-time annual gift or monthly pledge for the year to come. Not only will your generosity bring joy to these children, but you will also experience the great blessing of knowing you have made a difference in the lives and destinies of these bright young individuals.