Gopika Embraces Agriculture


Gopika is an eighth grader at a local government school. She is the only daughter to farmer parents who work small plots of land every day. Even though they do not earn a lot of money, Gopika takes pride in her family.

Since joining a HoPE Learning Center, Gopika has also learned to take pride in the ideas of feeding people and making a living off of the earth. She now aspires to become an Agriculturalist in order to help her parents and other farmers.

She frequently talks about how most of the farms in her village have been converted into buildings for housing and commercial uses. She describes how the farmers in her village are suffering without daily work. She says she will bring awareness about the importance of Agriculture to surrounding communities to help protect the remaining farming families.

Your generous contributions to HoPE Learning Centers help children like Gopika shape the future of their communities and our greater Global Community. A monthly contribution of only $10 covers all expenses for one precious child. A monthly gift of $350 helps 40 children.

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