Now that we have fully funded and almost completed the creation of 100 HoPE Learning Centers within 5 regions in 3 states in India; we feel it is only fair to tell you about all and some of them…

First and Foremost, ALL HoPE Learning Centers transform the lives and destinies of 35 children (ages 12 to 14) through traditional academics, Dr. Pillai’s brain-changing Phonemic Intelligence Program, socially brilliant Personal Transformation Program lessons, yoga, nutritious snacks and cultural or career-centered field trips.

In addition, each HoPE Learning Center serves needs unique to its surrounding community. Here is the recent scoop on SOME of them:

  • Guruvarajpet Center children visited a local library and learned all about Indian authors
  • Kallakudi Center children learned about handiwork, craftsmanship and stitching
  • Querim Center children are focused on learning English and winning dancing competitions
  • Ghandijipuram Center children learned about cleanliness, health and trafficsafety issues
  • Kizavanam Center children embraced religious harmony during chats about tolerance

To sponsor a one-of-a-kind 100% unique HoPE Learning Center for only $300 per month or a special child for $10 per month, follow this link: