The recent flood disaster in Chennai created devastation everywhere…

  • Flooded homes
  • Massive power outages
  • Contaminated water supply
  • Destroyed vehicles and businesses
  • Roads submerged in stagnant water mixed with garbage

For the poor and homeless, the devastation has been far more severe. For many of them, their homes have either been destroyed, or literally swept away, and they have been displaced to interim refugee camps. It’s a nightmare scenario.

Global Director of Tripura Reporting from Ground Zero

Chennai Flood Devastation

Elaine Kueper, Global Director of Tripura Foundation, has been spearheading our relief efforts. Watch in the videos below to hear her report from ground zero, learn about what Tripura is doing to help and meet the HoPE volunteers.
See Our Relief Efforts in Action

We Are Helping Provide Emergency Relief

We put out a call for donations to help aid in the relief efforts in Chennai, and many of you have responded. For the poor people of Chennai, this has been a precious gift of much needed support.

Although we are not set up to be an emergency relief organization, many courageous volunteers have stepped forward to help us implement a three-pronged relief effort:

  1. Feeding the hungry – Many people were stranded and hadn’t eaten for days. Our volunteers drove extensively and waded through the water to reach them, and have been able to feed almost 1000 hot meals so far.
  2. Providing survival necessities – We have been identifying devastated families in the remote areas near our Chennai HoPE Center locations to distribute food provisions, clothes, blankets, and mats.
  3. Helping families rebuild – Many people are out of work for the foreseeable future, and have no way to take care of themselves or family. For impoverished families, this lack of income has made a dire situation even worse. We have been identifying the worst-affected families for vocational rehabilitation and training to help them start earning money again, and support their families.

As this disaster has destroyed many lives that cannot be fixed overnight, the need for this relief/rehabilitation program will be ongoing over the coming months. We at Tripura are dedicated to providing as much support as we can to those who need it the most.

Click here to support the ongoing relief efforts in Chennai. Make a donation to the “HoPE for Chennai” campaign

Meet the HoPE Volunteers

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