How Does the Brain Feel Empathy?

Ever wondered why certain individuals seem to better emotionally connect with other people, relative to their peers? Or, why certain people are more likely to donate to end world hunger, volunteer at the local animal shelter, and lend a helping hand to a stranger? Here’s an interesting truth: this...

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HoPE 2018 – 2019!

  Another successful school year in India is coming to and end. Every year, HoPE students make drastic changes in their lives after joining our HoPE Learning Centers. As usual, our trainings were amazing. Our children displayed determination and focus while spending after school hours...

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To Be Compassionate!

  On February 1, children at HoPE Learning Centers in Coimbatore (Pachapalayam, center, RG Pudhur and Veeriyampalayam) prepared and served a variety of food delicacies to elderly and disabled individuals at Anugraha Ashram in honor of Dr. Baskaran Pillai’s birthday (the Founder of...

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