Answering the Plea for More HoPE Centers Worldwide

Within one year (2012) we grew from having 7 HoPE Learning Centers to having 70 throughout India and are close to completing all 100 Indian Centers.

The success of the Centers has sparked volunteers to approach us about championing new Centers in the South Africa, Canada, Italy, Iran, Uganda, The U.K. and The U.S.A.

HoPE Champions are actively planning the creation of Centers in Singapore and Malaysia.

30 Centers are underway for Mexico. A determined champion, seeing the need in her community, launched and now operates our first in La Paz. Children there literally live in garbage, many in houses made out of cardboard. Most do not even have warm blankets in their shelters to protect them from the elements and often bear the long, cold nights hungry. Until now, survival took priority to studying and learning. Now they will have the opportunity to develop their young bodies, minds and spirits and live in HoPE.


Hope learning centers

Volunteer HoPE Champions hand out food in Mexicali. This paved the way for our HoPE Center in La Paz.

Hope learning centers

HoPE Center children in La Paz live in and near a garbage dump. All of them were hungry and many were barely clothed.

Hope learning centers

Volunteer HoPE Champion, Lucia, made this all possible. Here is an early photo of children in a makeshift classroom.

Hope learning centers

Faces of Transformation = Children learn how to do Yoga at our HoPE Learning Center in Mexico.