HoPE Learning Centers (India)

In 2011, staff and volunteers decided that Tripura Foundation could best help communities through the "infrastructure" of education. Plans were made to strategically create after-school Centers in the most remote, rural villages, serving the children of severely disadvantaged families.

On June 13, six HoPE Learning Centers were launched.

In 2012, we expanded from 7 to 70 Centers in Southern India.

Currently, we have 100 Centers (serving 3500 children!) up and running in India.

ALL HoPE Learning Centers transform the lives and destinies of 35 children (ages 12 to 14) through traditional academics, Dr. Pillai's brain-changing Phonemic Intelligence Program, brilliant Personal Transformation Program lessons, yoga, nutritious snacks and cultural or career-centered field trips. In addition, each HoPE Learning Center serves needs unique to its surrounding community.

It doesn't take much to bring HoPE to a child. Sponsor a child for only $10 per month, three children for only $30 per month, or an entire HoPE Learnign Center for only $300 per month!


Happy HoPE Center Children near Chennai, India smile radiantly because their destinies are bright and shiny!

Young boys from a HoPE Center in Goa plant sapplings while learning about stewardship of the environment.

HoPE Children near Madurai learn about their cultural heritage on Indian Independance Day.

HoPE Children near Chennai practice Phonemic Inteligence exercises, which balance brain chemistry.

Girls in Coimbatore prepare for a local science fair by demonstrating ideas for catching and using rain water.

Children near Chennai eat nutritious snacks while celebrating Diwali.