HoPE Town Initiative

"A community is the reflection of the consciousness of the individuals within it. In our HoPE Towns, families will collectively commit to changing their consciousness for the upliftment of the entire community. Each family will engage in building prosperity, which will create a prosperous community, and lead to a flourishing environment.

We are building HoPE Towns all around the world. Stewarding this program to build HoPE for the poor is very close to my heart. This is truly service to the world and to God. Let us create a new world together and create Heaven on Earth." ~Dr. Pillai, Founder of Tripura Foundation

Our HoPE Town Initiative is about bringing HoPE to the poorest of the poor around the world - creating tangible HoPE through building communities consisting of new and lovely homes, empowering minds through unique education programs, community organization and leadership, providing health services for healthy bodies, caring for Mother Earth through "green" practices, and creating prosperity through social enterprise.

HoPE Town Philippines

HoPE Town Philippines


Our "GK Tripura HoPE Town" in Manila, Philippines was completed in June 2010. We thank our partners Gawad Kalinga, a massive charity movement that has built 2000 holistic and integrated communities in the Philippines, for their dedicated work in building this community and guiding the people with love and care.

Our beneficiaries are enjoying the benefits of community organization, participation in "sweat equity" programs where they build homes for each other, and values formation classes to guide them to be more responsible, productive members of society.

"GK Tripura HoPE Town" is comprised of 30 homes and is located in the largest slum in Manila, Bagong Silang- offering HoPE to those living in the worst conditions.